Notice: the vacancy rate of Beijing office buildings may exceed 20% in 2021

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Notice: the vacancy rate of office buildings in Beijing may exceed 20%

in 2021 China News Agency, Beijing, July 9 (reporter Pang Wuji) - Li quhai, managing director of global real estate service and investment management company collier international in North China, said at an online conference on the 9th that in the high supply and demand neutral market environment, Beijing office vacancy rate will reach 20.7% in 2021, a new high in more than a decade.

Li quhai pointed out that after excluding the influence of self use and pre rent, the net absorption of Beijing office market in the second quarter was still - 14000 square meters, and the vacancy rate was 16.6%, which was basically the same as that of the previous quarter. This shows that although we need to wake up fast three prediction artifact software, but the intensity is not as big as foreign markets expect.

Moreover, in the second half of the year, nearly 700000 square meters of new supply and demand will continue to be added to the Beijing office market, and nearly 800000 square meters will be added to the market next year. It is expected that the vacancy rate of office buildings in Beijing will reach a high of 20.7% in 2021.

There is no doubt that the rising vacancy rate will put pressure on rents. Li quhai pointed out that in the market environment of high occupancy rate, the rent of office buildings in Beijing will continue to decline slowly, but the space below is limited. 2021 and 2022 can become the real bottom of the current round of market rent adjustment.

According to the statistics of the agency, the office rents in Beijing remained high in the second quarter, with the group market rents falling by 1.7% to 367 yuan (RMB, the same below) per square meter per month.

How big is the group office market in Beijing? Lu Ming, director of North China Research Department of Colliers International, pointed out here that, looking forward to the end of 2020, the total number of office formats in Beijing will exceed 33 million square meters, mainly composed of Grade A and grade B office buildings and industrial parks. Beijing office market is a major market serving 4 million working people and an annual rent of about 90 billion yuan.

Lu Ming believes that whether the office market or the mature industrial park market, the main theme of the whole Beijing office market is to boost the vacancy rate with high supply and response. However, from the four first tier cities, the daily supply of Beijing market is still relatively low. In addition to the main reasons for the supply and supplement, the higher vacancy rate is related to factors such as the downward trend of economic growth, continuous adjustment of industrial organizations and epidemic prevention and control. (end)